Saturday, April 26, 2014

Jesus is risen: a well attested historical event

There are several things about history that we can be very sure of.  Napoleon was a short man.  George Washington cannot tell a lie: he chopped down a cherry tree.  Socrates was forced to take hemlock.  Oh, and Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

But how can such a (seemingly) far-fetched and miraculous event be something we are certain of?  The answer: it is the most plausible conclusion from what we know historically.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Can miracles happen?

The question of miracles can be quite divisive...even within the Christian community.  How does God act today?  Does he still perform miraculous healings?  If so, where are they?  If not, why not?  These are very difficult questions to wrestle with, and it is not always clear how to answer them.

On the other hand, one question is very clear to answer: "Has science disproved the possibility of miracles?"  The answer is a very definitive and resounding "NO!"